What needs to be paid attention to during the construction of the steel plate through shot blasting machine: effectively protect the equipment; the roughness of the surface can be processed according to the needs and different grains of steel shots can be selected according to the roughness. Under the action of centrifugal force, 1. The dust in the dust box below the dust collector of the steel plate through type shot blasting machine should be cleaned regularly, which is the protective plate of the chamber body in the current shot blasting equipment. Not only can the rust on the surface of the workpiece be removed, the blast dust mixture can be evenly distributed, and the separator, elevator, screw conveyor and shot blasting device can be started in sequence to prevent the dust exhaust pipe from being blocked and affecting the dust removal effect.  2. The debris in the bottom of the cleaning room and under the screen in the separator funnel should be cleaned frequently. The device is generally hydraulically driven, and the shot blasting machine is the main part of the shot blasting machine accessories. In the event of a power failure, cut off the main power supply of the machine. It will also increase the abrasion of the curved guard plate. The global qg34 shot blasting device with large shot blasting volume and high shot speed is adopted. 3. Reach the required roughness and hardness, usually arranged in even numbers, such as 4, 6, 8, etc. At the same time, the required cleanliness of the workpiece is ensured. The steel shot around the steel plate through shot blasting machine should be cleaned frequently to prevent slippage and hurt people. In order to carry out the shot blasting of the workpiece. 4. Such as the boom of the excavator, the body of the bulldozer, the bed of a large machine tool, etc. Before starting the pass-through shot blasting machine, some necessary checks must be carried out. It can be said that the comprehensive data is still very good. Generally, it is suitable for relatively long workpieces, such as round steel angle steel with workpiece split ring, etc., which can smoothly pass through the shot blasting chamber. Rebar derusting machine is a kind of shot blasting equipment that can derust and strengthen the metal surface.