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Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning

China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
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Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning

Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning
Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning
Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: QINGDAO,CHINA
Brand Name: KNNJOO
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: Customized
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Naked,Winding with stretch film
Delivery Time: 45 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month

Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine Casting Forging Parts Cleaning

Cleanliness: Sa2.5~3.0 Color: Customized
Power: 380/400/440V Warranty: 1 Years
High Light:

Sa2.5 Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine


Cleaning Turntable Automic Shot Blasting Machine


Sa2.5 Turntable shot blaster

Automic High quality Turn table shot blasting machine for casting forging parts cleaning direct-coupling


The ZJ015 type shot blasting machine is a horizontal rotary table type shot blasting cleaning equipment. It consists of a shot blasting room, a turntable, a turntable transmission system, a turntable protection, a shot blasting assembly, a shot recycling purification system, a shot recovery system, a dust removal system and The electrical control part and other components.
Shot blasting chamber structure: This machine is mainly composed of chamber body, double turntable, transmission system, separator, elevator, blasting device, shot blasting device and other parts. There are high-speed rotating shot blasting devices on the top and side of the chamber. The workpiece is projected in the best position. When the workpiece is turned out of the chamber with the turntable, the cleaning effect can be directly seen for the next step. Ejection principle: The shot blasting machine adopts the transverse ejection principle, and the axial direction of the blasting device is at a proper angle with the traveling direction of the workpiece to produce an impact effect and prevent the projectile from being thrown empty and affecting the cleaning effect.

1.Wide application,easy to install and use.  
2.Customized.Meet your needs.  
3.Good stability.Low failure rate(technical maturity,technical precipitation,skill workers)  
4.Exquisite appearance(mature craft)  
5.Large factories.Prompt delivery.  
6.Strict quality inspection department.  
7.Factory direct selling with competitive price.  
8.Over 10 years' production experience.  
9.Professional design team to serve you.  
10.Main electrical control sysytem adopts international brand.  
11.CE certificate assure you our quality.  


Characteristics of shot blasting chamber: It is a steel plate welded structure with sufficient strength and rigidity. The installation direction of the chamber body and the shot blasting device are determined after three-dimensional optimization design and dynamic simulation, so as to ensure the cleaning effect of the workpiece and maximize the effectiveness of the equipment. The main ejection area of ​​the room is cleaned with high manganese guards. Protection, this guard plate has high impact toughness, can make full use of the projectile reflection kinetic energy, continue to effectively hit the surface of the workpiece, and help improve the cleaning quality and efficiency. A high wear-resistant protective plate with holes is placed on the turntable to prevent large blocks, flashes, and burrs from entering the funnel, screw conveyor and elevator to ensure the normal circulation of projectiles and the normal operation of the equipment. A high-quality shock-absorbing rubber pad is added between the shot blasting device and the connection of the chamber body to reduce the shot blasting vibration and noise and improve the life of the shot blasting device. Designed with multi-layer staggered rubber seals, the device is tightly sealed; because the dust collector fan draws air, a certain negative pressure is formed in the chamber, and no dust escapes.
Shot blasting chamber protection: The life of imported austenitic rolled steel plates is generally 6 times that of traditional wear-resistant cast iron and 65Mn guard plates, and more than three times that of wear-resistant cast steel Mn13, up to 15,000 hours to 18,000 hours.

Adopt full manganese steel body + full manganese steel guard plate, service life 20 years;
Adopt advanced Venturi dust removal system;
Adopting a secondary separation system for pellets;
Using high-performance Siemens motor + German-style direct-coupling shot blasting device;
Use steel shot flow automatic control system;
Use automatic turntable system;
Adopt magnetic sorting system + horizontal spiral sorting + winnowing sorting system;


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 desktop shot blasting machine

The key component of the Chunjiu desktop shot blasting machine is the turntable used to process the workpiece. This type of equipment is most suitable for processing symmetrical parts. The turntable can also be positioned at a certain angle and cooperate with several multi-point positioning polishing heads to realize the processing of asymmetric parts.

Chunjiu has developed a variety of rotary shot blasting machines to meet the needs of customers for material turnover. In addition to the traditional fixed turntable shot blasting machine, there are also shot blasting machines with one or two moving turntables. This type of equipment allows new parts to be loaded while other parts are being processed, thereby reducing processing time.

Chunjiu has extensive experience in this field and has provided customers with machines of various sizes, with parts weighing up to 120 tons.

Chunjiu rotary table shot blasting machine

Chunjiu rotary table shot blasting machine provides full flexibility for shot blasting operations. Whether you are cleaning welded structural parts and processed parts, or cleaning and removing castings, or shot blasting dynamic stress parts, the rotary shot blasting machine can help you reduce the required production time.

This machine is a special shot blasting and strengthening equipment for cleaning and strengthening forgings, castings and gears. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of steel and castings in the original state to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on it, so that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality and fatigue strength of the steel. In order to ensure your company's strict requirements for cleaning workpieces, we adopt the following key technologies and guarantee measures in the scheme and design of this machine:
Arrangement of the shot blasting device: Due to the large processing capacity, the high-efficiency shot blasting device is arranged on the top or the side, and the shot blasting complements each other to obtain a uniform cleaning effect.
The fully enclosed sealing mechanism is composed of wear-resistant alloy plates and labyrinth seals, etc., which changes the phenomenon that the shot sand pops out of the outdoors during shot blasting.
The hot zone of the shot blasting chamber adopts imported high-grade guard plate. This material has great density and high hardness. The service life is more than 3 times that of cast steel guard plate. It is seamlessly covered and easy to replace. And make full use of the rebound of the projectile to form a secondary cleaning.
The number of opening shots can be determined according to the size of the workpiece, which can reduce unnecessary energy waste and reduce unnecessary damage to the equipment.
The pill feeding system adopts a special air-controlled pill feeding gate valve and photoelectric detection of the workpiece to prevent empty shots. It is more stable and reliable than traditional cylinders.
The hoist adopts an anti-reversal ratchet and pawl mechanism design: to prevent the bucket elevator from damaging the equipment caused by the sudden power failure or unexpected shutdown of the bucket elevator's hoist belt reversal. At the same time, there is a lost rotation detection and alarm device at the passive wheel.
The design of the full curtain flow curtain of the separator: the variable pitch and variable pitch separator automatically adjusts the flow curtain according to the projectile situation to achieve the effect of the full curtain flow curtain.
Shot blasting: Using KNNJOO turbo hurricane technology to produce high-speed shot blasting equipment, the abrasion resistance is increased by 60%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%. The special split structure maximizes the utilization rate of the projectile to 98%, while the ordinary shot blasting device is only 80%. In the mainland, this technology is the most advanced. The shot blasting device is arranged linearly, the angle is simulated by three-dimensional, and the shot coverage is uniform.
Pellet recycling purification: using the most advanced overflow induction type real full curtain multi-stage winnowing separator, using special polyester core hoist transmission belt, using remote control projectile controller, the power point of the projectile circulation system is set Fault alarm function.
The standard configuration of the dust removal system is secondary dust removal: sedimentation chamber + filter cartridge dust removal. The second stage can also use pulse back-blowing filter cartridge dust collector or pulse bag dust removal, and the dust emission concentration is less than 30 mg/m3.


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