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Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel

China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
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Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel

Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel
Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel

Large Image :  Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel

Product Details:
Place of Origin: QINGDAO,CHINA
Brand Name: KNNJOO
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: 15GN
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Naked,Winding with stretch film
Delivery Time: 45 work days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month

Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel

Cleanliness: Sa 2.5~3.0 Color: Customized
Power: 380/400/440V Warranty: 1 Year
Blast Wheel Impeller: Abrasive-resistant Alloy Carburizing Parts Bearing Of Blast Wheel: Swenden SKF
Motor Of Blast Wheel: Siemens Company Product Reducer: Jiangsu Guomao Group(Chinese Famous Brand)
Blast Wheel Wear Parts Material: High Chromium Casting Cr27% Contactor: Schneider
PLC: Siemens Pneumatic Components: Yadeke Series
High Light:

Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine


Forgings Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine


Stamping Parts tumble blast machine

High Quality Steel Belt Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct-Coupling Blast Wheel For Castings Forgings Stamping Parts



The crawler shot blasting machine is a high-strength wear-resistant rubber crawler or manganese steel crawler for loading workpieces. It uses a high-speed rotating impeller to throw projectiles onto the workpiece in the chamber to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for sand removal, rust removal, scale removal and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs, etc. It is especially suitable for cleaning and strengthening parts that are not afraid of collisions.

This machine integrates domestic and foreign technology, is a kind of cleaning equipment with good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise, and is used for surface derusting or shot blasting in large and medium batch production. It has the following characteristics:

1. It adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure;

2. Three ejection speeds of 75 m/s, 80 m/s and 85 m/s are used.

3. The pulley adopts the internationally advanced quick-change structure, which is beneficial to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

4. The use of BE type separator has good separation effect and high productivity, and has a positive effect on improving the life of the blade;

5. Adopt bag filter, the dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, which improves the working environment of workers;

6. This model adds some special mechanisms such as manual pill gate and discharge gate.

7. The crawler shot blasting machine of this model can be used as a stand-alone machine or by wiring.

This design has the advantages of compact structure, convenient maintenance, low noise,
low consumption, high efficiency.
Delivery and payment method:
We support different shipping methods and paymant methods,
including FOB,EXW,CIF,etc.
The payment term is 30% deposit by T/T,the balance paid before delivery.

Settlement Currency

Trade mode FOB,CIF,EXW
Payment term 30% deposit by T/T,the balance paid before delivery 
Delivery time Within 20-60 days according to different type equipment.

This machine is a small cleaning equipment, which is mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting assembly, elevator, separator, electrical system and other parts. See Figure 1 (Table 1 indicates the name corresponding to the serial number of each part)

Working principle: Add a specified number of workpieces in the cleaning room. After the machine is started, the high-speed projectiles thrown by the shot blaster form a stream of shots, which evenly strike the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cleaning and strengthening. The thrown projectiles and sand particles flow into the elevator and are lifted by the elevator to the separator for separation. The dust is sucked by the fan and sent to the dust collector to be filtered. The clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust on the cloth bag is mechanically shaken and falls into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector. The user can clean it regularly. The waste sand flows out from the waste pipe. Can be reused. The shot-sand mixture is retracted into the chamber by the recycling pipe, and reused after the separator is separated. The clean shots enter the shot blasting device through the electromagnetic supply gate to throw the workpiece.


1.Wide application,easy to install and use.

2.Customized.Meet your needs.

3.Good stability.Low failure rate(technical maturity,technical precipitation,skill workers)

4.Exquisite appearance(mature craft)

5.Large factories.Prompt delivery.

6.Strict quality inspection department.
7.Factory direct selling with competitive price.
8.Over 10 years' production experience.

9.Professional design team to serve you.

10.Main electrical control sysytem adopts international brand.
11.CE certificate assure you our quality.


The foundation construction is as shown in the foundation drawing (Figure 2). After the user configures the concrete according to the local soil quality, and uses a level to check the horizontal and vertical level of the plane,
Crawler shot blasting machine
Crawler shot blasting machine
It can be installed and the bolts of each foot are tightened;

1. Before the machine leaves the factory, the cleaning room, shot blasting device and other parts have been assembled into one body. When the whole machine is installed, as shown in Figure 1, tighten the serial number 2 hoist with the hoist on the cleaning room with bolts. When installing the bucket elevator, pay attention to adjusting the bearing seat of the upper driving pulley to keep it level to avoid belt deviation.

2. Install the manual pill gate (No. 6) and the pill supply gate (No. 7) on the separator, connect all the pipelines according to the dust removal system diagram, and the separated waste users can bring their own waste barrels for processing;

3. The installation diagram of the separator is shown in Figure 3. When the separator is working normally, there should be no gaps in the projectile flow curtain. If a full curtain cannot be formed, the serial number 1 heavy hammer should be adjusted until a full curtain is formed. If the separation effect of pellets and sand is not good, you can adjust the separation grade plate (No. 2, No. 3) to get a good separation effect. After the pellets have been screened, the bulk materials should be removed regularly;

4. The hoist belt is connected by the user with holes, and the connection form is as follows:

Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel 0   Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel 1


Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel 2  Forgings Stamping Parts Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Direct Coupling Blast Wheel 3

1. Before the test operation, you must be familiar with the relevant regulations in the instruction manual, and have a comprehensive understanding of the structure and performance of the equipment;

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the lubrication of the machine meets the requirements;

3. The machine is required to be assembled correctly, and each component and motor should be tested for single action before starting up. The rotation direction of each motor should be correct, and the belt of the hoist should be moderately tight, without deviation.

4. Check whether the no-load current, bearing temperature rise, reducer, and shot blasting volume of each motor are running normally. If problems are found, the cause should be found out and adjusted;

5. After there is no problem with the single-acting equipment, the dust collector, hoist, and shot blaster can be started in sequence for dry running test, and the dry running time is one hour.

(1) Operation of the machine:

1. Only if you have a comprehensive understanding of the working principle, performance, operation method, lubrication and other aspects of this machine, you can operate it;

2. Put the projectiles (200kg) into the chamber one after another, then put them into the workpiece, close the feeding door, and prepare to drive;

3. Start the dust collector fan;

4. Start by pressing the buttons in turn: hoist, shot blasting device, and shot supply gate to start cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, turn off the buttons in turn: the pill supply gate, shot blasting device, elevator, dust collector fan, and then start the rapping motor to clean the dust, and the rapping will stop after a certain period of time;

5. After the shot blasting machine is completely stopped, open the feeding door and lift the tooling and workpiece out.

6. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button and the machine will stop working immediately;

7. After all work is completed, the dust collector should be turned off in time;

8. In the ventilation and dust removal system, there are two butterfly valves (see the dust removal system diagram). Adjust the two butterfly valves according to the situation to get a good separation effect;

9. Adjustment of the directional sleeve of the shot blaster:

The adjustment of the directional sleeve can refer to the schematic diagram shown in Figure 4.

10. The shot blasting machine has three types of ejection speeds. When the ejection speed needs to be changed, it can be completed by changing the belt pulley of the shot blasting machine motor. The replacement steps are as follows:

First, turn off the shot blasting device and the main power supply. After the shot blasting device is completely stopped, loosen the motor fastening bolts, remove the V-belt, and then use a hexagonal wrench to loosen the pulley fastening bolts, and use three M12 bolts to tighten the cone The shaft sleeve is separated from the belt pulley, and the belt pulley is removed. Fit the required pulley with the tapered bushing, press it into the motor shaft, and then tighten the three M10 pulley fastening bolts with a hex wrench. Put on the V-belt again, and finally, push the motor to a suitable position with a jack wire, and tighten the bolts to fasten the motor. Note: The outer end surface of the motor pulley should be on the same plane as the outer end surface of the shot blaster pulley. Otherwise, loosen the three M10 pulley fastening bolts for adjustment.

The three projecting speeds correspond to the lifting capacity of the two hoists, and the installation and adjustment methods of the hoist motor sprocket are the same as above.





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