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company news about Steel Pipe Inner Wall Shot Peening Machine

China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
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Steel Pipe Inner Wall Shot Peening Machine
Latest company news about Steel Pipe Inner Wall Shot Peening Machine

KJQGN92-120-1 shot peening machine is a new type of special shot peening equipment for steel pipe designed and manufactured according to user requirements. It is used for shot peening and strengthening of the inner wall of steel pipes. Through shot peening, dirt, oxide scale, welding slag, etc. on the inner wall of the steel pipe can be cleaned, making the inner surface of the steel pipe smooth and clean, and reducing the internal surface stress. This can effectively increase the service life of the steel pipe and reduce the internal corrosion of the steel pipe, thereby improving the internal and appearance quality of the steel pipe.

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The small steel pipe inner wall shot peening machine developed by QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. mainly includes a fixed sealed chamber, a movable sealed chamber, spray gun and spray gun guide mechanism, spray gun carrying vehicle, and frequency conversion speed regulation walking system, a steel pipe rotation system, and abrasive recovery system, abrasive hopper, shot peening tank, separator, dust removal system, pneumatic system, electronic control system. It also has the following main features:

  • most advanced foreign technology, three-dimensional design of the whole machine to ensure that the equipment reaches the best performance;
  • Adopting Colinmonk technology high-efficiency shot peening mixing valve, it can improve the cleaning efficiency by 30% and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality compared with conventional shot peening equipment
  • Steady-flow sedimentation dust collector structure, low-speed sedimentation + vertical filter cartridge filtering gold dust collection combination, US HV company coated filter material, which improves the life of the filter element by more than 20%, the dust removal efficiency is truly 99.9%, and the dust removal emissions are better than national standards.
  • The industry's only screw shaft bearing adopts reverse counterflow + compound labyrinth + terminal overflow + J-seal multiple seal structure, which is maintenance-free for life.
  • The industry's only Abrasive controller adopts the interception technology of the German AGTOS company, which has no jamming, no leakage, and is safe and reliable.
  • The industry's only adopts German AGTOS variable pitch separation technology, the separation efficiency exceeds 99.9%, and a full curtain is truly formed to ensure the separation efficiency and the service life of wearing parts.
  • All inspection doors and steel pipe entrance and exit adopt multiple labyrinth seals and high-quality clamp steel plate seals, which is more effective without abrasive splashing.This equipment can achieve the automatic shot blasting of the inner wall of steel pipe . First, open the upper part of the sealed chamber and put the steel pipe into the working position, When the workpiece is in place, the steel pipe falls on the steel pipe rotating device, and the spray gun enters the steel pipe, The workpiece starts to rotate, the upper part of the sealed chamber is closed, and the carrying vehicle drives the spray gun to perform the inner wall shot blasting operation . After shot peening ,based on the quantity of the remaining steel shot in the steel pipe,air jet valve blow out the remaining steel shot.After the shot peening, open the upper part of the sealed chamber and remove out the steel pipe. Cycle in turn and continuously operation. The machine is equipped with screw conveyor, belt conveyor, elevator, separator, which can achieve the recovery of steel shot in steel pipes.
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