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company news about Double hook station turntable shot blasting machine

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China Qingdao Knnjoo Machine Inc certification
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Company News
Double hook station turntable shot blasting machine
Latest company news about Double hook station turntable shot blasting machine

First of all, thank you for choosing this type of shot blasting machine. In order to make you enable to understand the performance of the equipment, please read this technical document carefully. The configuration, quality and performance of this equipment can ensure that the technology in the industry will be in the years for ten years. Accord with the interrelated standards, certifications and requirements of Europe-union CE, Germany TUV, and France BV.

KZP-2 type two-station hook rotary shot blasting machine is suitable for surface shot blasting and strengthening of batches of workpieces; this machine is suitable for gears, gear shafts, crankshafts, engine connecting rods, diaphragm springs, shells, etc. After the heat treatment of the processed parts, strengthen and remove the oxide scale, so that the surface of the workpiece reaches silver gray, and has the effect of eliminating stress and improving the adhesion of the surface coating. The shot blasting process can also be used to increase the surface prestress of the above workpiece and improve the fatigue strength. To achieve the purpose of shot blasting strengthening and cleaning.

The equipment does not need a pit. The chamber body is mainly composed of a rotating shot blasting chamber and a fixed outer shell. The rotating shot blasting chamber is divided into three parts, the shot blasting unit and the loading and unloading unit. Each separation unit is equipped with a rotating hook, and the workpiece to be cleaned is hung on the hook. When the workpiece is rotated to the shot blasting unit, driven by the autobiography device, the workpiece is shot and cleaned while rotating. The continuous rotating hook can The workpiece is thoroughly cleaned in the shot blasting area. The equipment loading and unloading area is open, so that when the workpiece is shot blasted at the shot blasting unit station, it can be unloaded and loaded at another station. After shot blasting, the shot material passes through the separation unit to remove impurities and is fed to the shot blasting machine.

The shot blasting area of the equipment room body uses high wear resistance materials as the liner. The unique sealing design ensures that the shot material will not leak during the shot blasting process. The safety switch installed on the side of the equipment loading/unloading port can ensure that the operation of the equipment is completely cut off when the workpiece is stuck. The door at the back of the equipment provides convenience for the maintenance and overhaul of the chamber body and shot blasting device. latest company news about Double hook station turntable shot blasting machine  0

latest company news about Double hook station turntable shot blasting machine  1

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